Summer Dance

Dance Elite Summer Technique Classes and Camps

In the Summertime, what is more fun than dancing with friends during this beautiful time of year. We understand that summer is an unpredictable time for many families. 

We offer several summer dance options, from various themed camps to nightly technique classes. Hopefully these options can accommodate the various summer schedules. 

Our summer goals are to continue providing quality technique, instill a joy for dance and open the artist in every dancer.  If you have any questions please email or call anytime. 

Summer registration begins in April and must be received by May 24th for  summer classes in June. 


Summer Dance Camps

Camps are offered between April and 2 weeks prior to camp dates. Check here in the spring for info.

We had a blast this summer in our dance camps!!!!  This past summer we offered several dance camps; Under the Sea Camp, Fairy Camps, Diva Camp, Circus Camp and Dance Team intensives. Camps are available to register for beginning in April through 2 weeks prior to camp dates. All camps must be registered for 2 weeks in advance. These camps include various dance styles, arts activities and lots of opportunities to expand one's creativity. If you interested in any of our summer camps or classes, please contact us. Be sure to watch our website in the spring for information regarding camps. All camps are open level, include various styles of dance and educational aspects developed through various themes. We have a GREAT Time dancing in these camps!!!